This news section displays the publications authored by our members who decided to use BRCP as an affiliation, besides other outstanding achievements of BRCP and its members.

[PAPER + PRIZE] "Essay Contest Prize 2018" of APS to the paper "Striving for Realism, not for Determinism: Historical Misconceptions on Einstein and Bohm" by Flavio Del Santo

Dec 12, 2018

[PAPER] "Karl Popper's Forgotten Role in the Quantum Debate at the Edge between Philosophy and Physics in 1950s and 1960s" by Flavio Del Santo

Nov 2, 2018

[PAPER] "The notion of locality in relational quantum mechanics" by Pierre Martin-Dussaud, Carlo Rovelli and Federico Zalamea

Jun 21, 2018

[PAPER] "Demolishing prejudices to get to the foundations" by Flavio Del Santo and Chiara Cardelli

Feb 13, 2018

[PAPER] "The Two-fold Role of Observables in Classical and Quantum Kinematics" by Federico Zalamea

Nov 18, 2017

[PhD. THESIS] "Chasing Individuation: Mathematical Description of Physical Systems" by Federico Zalamea

Dec 9, 2016

[PhD THESIS] "Space Charge Effects and Advanced Modelling for CERN Low Energy Machines" by Adrian Oeftiger

Sep 28, 2016

[PAPER] "Characterization of Exact Lumpability for Vector Fields on Smooth Manifolds" by Leonhard Horstmeyer and Fatihcan M. Atay

Jul 5, 2016

[PAPER] "Local quantum information dynamics" by Ryszard PaweĊ‚ Kostecki

May 6, 2016