QISS Virtual Seminar

Apr 2, 2020 to Jul 22, 2020

The idea
Seminar topics range from fundamental theory to experiments and the philosophy of science, in particular on questions at the intersection of Quantum Gravity, Quantum Information and Quantum Foundations. The goal is to stimulate discussion across disciplines, rather than presenting incremental technical results pertinent only for specialists in a sub-field. Among the speakers: Jeremy Butterfield, Eugenio Bianchi, Sougato Bose...

For this reason, the talk duration is relatively short (<30 mins) and speakers are encouraged to make it pedagogical. One or two commentators will first engage the speaker(s) for ~10mins to get the discussion going. After this stage, questions and comments are open to all participants for one hour.

How to join the seminar
To join the seminar via Zoom first download Zoom Client for Meetings. Join a QISS Virtual seminar click on the link https://hku.zoom.us/j/728065144 or use the meeting ID 728 065 144 at the corresponding time and date for the seminar (link and meeting ID will remain the same for following seminars).

Online archive and announcements
Following seminars are announced through this mailing list and at the webpage qiss.fr/virtual-seminars. Talks become available for later viewing on the QISS youtube channel. Also, we take the opportunity to remind that this mailing list is a google group open for anyone to join and post information, events, posts etc relevant to the community (can join the group through this link ).