Andrea Di Biagio

Andrea Di Biagio


Feb 26, 1991



Affiliated institution

IQOQI Vienna

Research & Interests

My academic area of research concerns themes broadly at the boundary of quantum information, quantum foundations, and gravity. I have published work on low-energy tests of quantum gravity and beyond, on the relation of inference and time-orientation in quantum mechanics, and on the relational interpretation of quantum mechanics. Besides my published work I am deeply interested in the physical foundations of probability theory and how it connects to the role of agents in the formulation of physical theories, the foundations of thermodynamics and the arrow of time, the emergence of spacetime from quantum correlations.

Beyond physics, and at personal level, I am interested in the mind-body problem, the effect of contemplative practice on experience. Also, I think there is untapped potential to use art and technology to better teach and understand our theories, via illustrations, animations, interactive media, AR, VR, proof assistants. Exploring this potential blends programming, art, psychology and science. Longer term, I am also interested in optimistic views of the seemingly inevitable merging of human and computers, of biology and informatics.