Melissa Mendes

Melissa Mendes


Brazil / Canada

Affiliated institution

McGill University

Personal website

Research & Interests

Cosmology, Theoretical High Energy Physics, Neutron stars;
Other (research) interests: Quantum information, Open quantum systems, Non-equilibrium thermodynamics, Epistemology of physics


I believe the academia has turned into a difficult environment for working and we, as young researchers, need to rethink its structure in many levels to make it more attractive, productive and healthy. In particular, we need to assert the fundamental importance of research in the foundations of some areas, like quantum mechanics and thermodynamics. I also believe that different areas can profoundly benefit with interdisciplinary works and that people need to have a multi-area formation to deepen our understanding of physics in a new level. Finally, one of the reasons I joined academia was its proposal of an informal environment, which we are losing a little, but that can be pursued by a more active participation of young people in the organization and decision-taking processes. I believe this society is a step in all these directions at the same time, thus, it's a relief to know I'm not crazy (or at least, we crazy people are not alone). I hope to contribute to the society by actively promoting it and organizing events in North and South America.