The Basic Research Community for Physics (BRCP) is an independent international association of scientists founded in 2015 who share the following beliefs:

  1. The current orientation of research is largely directed towards producing specialized results. However, we consider it equally crucial to debate questions at the core of each branch of science. Stimulating such debate and questioning fundamental assumptions is inseparable from scientific endeavour and essential for keeping sight of the bigger picture.
  2. We believe that the questions and problems in scientific research should be approached in an open-minded and non-dogmatic way. Questioning current paradigms should be allowed and encouraged instead of being dismissed.
  3. We believe in science as a community-based pursuit of knowledge, which should not be evaluated by commercial interest. We therefore seek to promote a cooperative and respectful, rather than competitive, atmosphere for scientific research.
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Constitution of the BRCP in English (PDF)
Constitution of the BRCP in German (PDF)